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Aerial footage of the proposed site

The proposed site comprises 100 acres of beautiful agricultural and rural green belt land in between the historic villages of Ayot St Lawrence and Ayot St Peter.  The fields lie either side of Hill Farm Lane, at its junction with the Codicote Road. The beautiful nature reserve of Stocking Springs abuts the site (the site is clearly visible from Stocking Springs and the footpath alongside it even in springtime), and the site is flanked and crossed by footpaths and bridleways enjoyed by thousands of people each year for their mental and physical wellbeing. The electricity generated from the proposed plant will be piped via a private wire (no connection to the National Grid) to Colt Data Centre Services in Welwyn Garden City.

Below are various maps showing exactly where the solar plant is

planned to be situated, and the nature of the land for miles around it. 

The map above shows an area c.27km across, and includes Luton, Stevenage and
Welwyn Garden City.  The proposed site for the solar plant is marked by a red dot.
This map above is zoomed in and shows an area c.6km across.  A patchwork of fields interspersed
with small village communities.  The outskirts of Welwyn Garden City is in the top right hand corner.
Solar Plant Site Map 2.png
Zooming in further, the 111 acre site is surrounded for miles by nothing but fields and the small, beautiful and historic villages of Ayot St Lawrence and Ayot St Peter.  On the top boundary of the site on this map a footpath/bridleway runs the entire length of the site; on the bottom boundary is the wonderful Stocking Springs Wood and nature reserve. 
Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 12.28.53[73].png
The map above shows the footpaths and bridleways which are used by
thousands of people every year for their mental and physical health and wellbeing.
3.  towards Hill Farm.JPG
The photo above was taken on a popular walk from The Old Churchyard at Ayot St Peter towards Ayot St Lawrence, and shows the site of the proposed solar plant up ahead.

The photo below is of the Colt Data Centre Services site in Welwyn Garden City.  Can you see the solar panels covering its 17,000m2 roof space?  No, us neither 🤔
Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 16.52.58.png
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